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My holiday CD “CHRISTMAS MEMORY” is now available for download at CD Baby!

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Development of a song

Posted: November 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

I have a song that is getting some attention here in Nashville called “That’s When I Love Her So” an uptempo country song that I recorded in the Fall of 2010.

I have a hand held voice recorder that I keep by my side to record moments of inspiration. It has been valuable in my songwriting process. Every now and then I download the tracks to my laptop to make room for more newer creations on the VR. Well, a few weeks ago I was listening to what I’d recorded and ran across a very early version of the sogn above – but at that time it was titled “That’s All I Need To Know”

In stark contrast to the finished uptempo guitar driven song, this was slower and based on the piano. Besides the title change, at that time (6/10/10) I had not yet written a bridge.

Anyway, I thought my songwriting friends might find the growth process of this particular song interesting.

Please leave some feedback or tales of your own writing experiences.

Songwriter Resource

Posted: November 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

From time to time I plan to use this forum to pass on songwriter resources that can be helpful in getting our songs heard!

One resource is the Nashville Demo Studio Newsletter and Free Pitch Sheet.  I am not certain where I first saw the link for this (Facebook maybe?) but I figured all I had to give was my email address so…
The Newsletter I have found to be very informative but what has helped me the most is the Pitch Sheet. Now, they do make it clear you need to have your own contacts – or make your own contacts. In my case, I am working with Songplugger and industry veteran, Chris Keaton, who pitches several of my songs to the Major artists who are looking for songs. I try to pursue the small labels and up and coming artists who are looking. So while the sheet may tell you Tim McGraw is looking – I leave that up to Chris – but for someone like Nic Bishop, I pitch myself.
First I research using Google and YouTube. It is important to HEAR what the artist sounds like and what type of songs they sing. Then I use whatever source I can to get an email or phone number to use to contact. I “ALWAYS” contact first for permission to submit!! Very important!

Yes, you do have to do some work, but this resource helps focus your efforts in the right direction!

Roam around their website – it has a lot of interesting information for every level of songwriter talent. No, I’ve not been paid for this recommendation – LOL! I just believe if you find something helpful it should be shared!
p.s. Remember to check out the Video Series companion to this blog at “A Songwriter’s Journey“!