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Dave Colvin: Precious Journey
I have re-launched my Precious Journey cd originally released in 2009 on Reverbnation. Use this link to buy the album or individual songs.The songs included were all recorded in some of the finest studios here in Nashville, TN!
Included are:

Your Way Home
Kentucky (He Made Sense of It All)
She Beleieved
Say Bring It On
Change The Way
This Child Of Bethlehem
Carefree Days
My Eyes Well Up

The songs will be available on iTunes, AmazonMp3 and all other digital Distributors in a few days!!
I am really proud of all these songs and hope you will enjoy them as well!
Musically Yours,

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I recently attended a 2 session panel discussion on Music Supervision at The Nashville Film Festival hosted by SESAC.
On the panel were the following Music Supervisors: Evyen Klean, Jenee DeAngelis, Tricia Holloway, PJ Bloom, Wende Crowley and Music Producer Michael Freeman. Moderator was Stacy Freeman.

The first session they discussed how they prefer to receive submissions and the format. Generally they no longer want CD’s nor even mp3s but links to players that allow the files to be downloaded. The one site discussed the most was They also recommend having all versions including instrumental tracks and a new one for me – the plain vocal track. They discussed how to contact them directly in the first session but backed off that in the second session stating it was best to get your songs on a music production site and they would go there. The staff of such music production sites speak their language.  While they would love to meet us personally they said they just don’t have the time nor the time to talk about the things they need in the language of music supervisors.
One person attending asked about what they thought of re-titleing songs. In unison the panel said NO!! They said that the major networks and studios would not license our songs if they were re-titled. It never was clear why re-titleing is a bad thing. It can’t be because songs can only be placed once – I can think of several examples of songs showing up in different movies or shows.

The reason I’m confused so much on this subject is because I have obtained FIVE placements with re-titled songs! Three placements on the Discovery Channel, one on TLC and a nice Star Trek Enterprise placement on CBS Network!! So they were certainly willing to select my song…

So, let me know here what you are doing, if anything, with getting your songs placed on TV or Film and also let’s discuss further the topic of Re-Titled songs – the Pros and Cons. So far fo me the 5 placements are generating royalties for me on a quarterly basis! I am being more discerning in which songs I put out there but at this point will continue what I am doing on the 3 sites I use:, and The last two re-title but does not.

I look forward to your comments!

Musically yours! Dave