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Song deadline!!

Posted: October 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’ve been working all weekend trying to finish a song I wrote for a placement opportunity listed at! They have an opportunity to get a song in an Ad for a new pickup truck – the campaign to be run in 5 Gulf Coast states! Major upfront fee available so the chosen song will be very lucrative for the writer!
I pretty much had the lyric finished within an hour – but coming up with a killer melody and hook on short notice is difficult!
Oh, I forgot to mention the deadline is tomorrow at Noon!

This is really challenging and a lot of fun for me!
I understand the odds of getting selected are low – there are some AMAZING songwriters and composers that contribute their music to the music library. But like I said it is fun for me to set a deadline, come up with a lyric and tune and get it submitted by Noon on Nov. 1st!

I will try to post the song when I get a chance but right now…..

Dave creating a new song
Writing and recording a new song!



New Christmas CD coming soon!

Posted: October 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

I am really getting excited about finishing up my unplanned Christmas CD! I had been making some Christmas tracks to submit for TV Film opportunities and one day realized I was about 3 songs short of putting them on a CD!! So I am down to one more song needed.

To give you a flavor of what you will hear – this is a 58 second clip of my version of the classic “Joy To The World“!!
Please comment and let me know what you think!! Thank you! Dave

Arnybarn Music logoHad an opportunity to pitch some songs to an indie artist today so I put together a CD package and mailed it.

Got a tip about a new music library so I sent an email requesting more information. Will give you the name if I find out its a good one or not.

Also got a tip from fellow musician, Steve Soucy about the Taxi forum having great info – I registered there but await approval from the Forum admin.

Finally got to the studio to lay down tracks for “Joy To The World” – the classic version. Turned out with a cool vibe but I will probably re-vocal it because my voice sounded tired so late in the day.

All in all, a pretty productive day at Arnybarn Music!! :>)

Have a wonderful weekend!!
Musically yours! Dave

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I just uploaded “Angels Spaceship” to Music Dealers and Music Supervisor for TV/Film trailer placement opportunities.

Thursdays at Arnybarn Music…

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Arnybarn Music logo


Every Thursday here at Arnybarn Music, I await the weekly email link for this week’s RowFax Tip Sheet, listing the artists who are looking for songs currently.

RowFax lists
1) New and Updated Listings
2) Major Label projects
3) Small Label projects

I work with Songplugger, Chris Keaton, who with his years of experience and contacts here in this business, is able to pitch some of my songs to the major artists that are listed each week.

So I spend my time researching the smaller labels and artists listed. I Google the company, check out the artists’ videos on YouTube and try to find more information. If i feel I have a song that fits a listing, I will email the contact listed introducing myself and requesting permission to submit and asking how they prefer that submission either CD or mp3 attached to an email or online link
Surprisingly, I’d say about 80% on average allow me to submit.

I keep an Excel spreadsheet that lists each pitch – the date- to who – which artist – what songs were sent and any notes.

So far there has not been any overlap – at least that I am aware of between Chris and myself. I think it is a good idea to get my name out there and develop these relationships as well.  is a part of and if you go to their website you can find more information there on how to subscribe to the Tip Sheet! Hope this has been helpful! Please leave a comment/reply down below if you wish!

Dave :>)


Songwriter’s Journey 10/19/11

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Well, today I monitored my various websites:
Music Dealers
Music Supervisor

for any changes – none to report.
I did see what kind of songs are being selected on by TV/Film/Advertisers -then I traced

Arnybarn Music logo

the selected songs to the writers pages and listen to more of their material. I heard a 1:31 song on one page that had been selected as a movie trailer. The structure is very different than for a lyrical song. It slowly builds and builds with periods of calm. If you think about watching the previews in the theater you might see what I’m talking about.
So I remembered a song I had been working on that was very similar and worked on that all afternoon. Hopefully I will have time tomorrow to work on balancing and mastering the tracks so I can upload the instrumental to start competing with the other songs out there being selected!! It was actually quite fun not being shackled by needing to worry about the lyrics.
Maybe a future entry will announce the selection of my “movie trailer” track!!
More next time!
Musically yours!

Welcome to !!

I am Dave Colvin, a songwriter living in Brentwood, TN (suburb of Nashville).

Last Winter I launched a YouTube video series called “A Songwriter’s Journey” where I chronicle the steps I am taking to get my songs shared with the rest of the world in one form or another. I am currently at 14 episodes and counting.

But, the series really needs a forum in which to discuss the topics in further detail so I thought a separate website might be helpful in achieving that goal. I will also be able to post fast developing events easier here than making a video to report on it. This will be fun!

I hope you will come along with me on this journey and input your experiences here as well!

Let’s go back to Episode 2 (the first full episode) where I discuss creating my own music publishing company, Arnybarn Music (BMI) and the surprising big name star who named his company with a similar name!!

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