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Dave Colvin

Performing at The Listening Room, Nashville, TN 03/06/11

Dave hospital

In hospital around age two?

I’m Dave Colvin, a songwriter who happens to have been born with the bleeding disorder, Severe Hemophilia “A” – Factor 8 deficiency! This blog used to be about just the songwriting. In fact, only very close friends and family are aware of my having hemophilia. To most folks I said I had “arthritis” – which is the truth. I just omitted the fact the arthritis was caused by nearly 6 decades of “bleeds” into the joints damaging my elbows, knees and ankles.  Yes, there have been a few times my surviving a bleeding episode was not a certainty and I’m sure I will discuss those times as we move forward.
But my songwriting and hemophilia have been so inter-twined throughout my life that in order for “my story” to make any sense, both need to be discussed! Also it is my hope that as I post my experiences, they will provide hope and maybe some inspiration to others affected with Hemophilia, especially considering I am 67 years old!! I’ve been married to my wife, Debbie, for 44+ years (have known her for 57)! We have one daughter, Meredith who is married to her husband Rusty and we now are blessed with two grandchildren!
I served in various accounting type positions for 30 years which took us from Illinois to the Los Angeles area and finally to Nashville! I now still write songs and also serve as publisher on songs written by a dozen other songwriters. We are getting some Indie cuts and Holds as well as some song placements in TV shows! Visit The Arnybarn Music Group website at http://www.arnybarnmusicgroup.com!
Please share this blog with family and friends! Ask questions if I don’t explain something clearly enough. Leave comments if you like a certain post!
So check the recent posts often as I tell the tales of this Songwriter’s Journey (who happens to have Hemophilia)!
p.s. Most recent posts are:
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