Song cut for “You Are Living On”

Posted: April 6, 2016 in Country Music, songwriting
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Living On CoverI  have been writing songs for 50 years! I have been pitching my songs to other artists, labels, publishers etc. for about 40 years! Now,  one of my songs that I wrote by myself, has been recorded by a professional recording artist!

Norwegian Artist – Nina Flaaseth’s CD,“Living On” is now available to download on most digital distribution sites! It includes my 1st solo-written cut “You Are Living On”! (Track 9) Excited for this wonderful traditional Country musician/singer and thankful to Nina for adding my song to her CD! Nina even titled her CD, “Living On”, inspired by the song!

You can download the CD below or just the song on Amazon here: Nina Flaaseth: “You Are Living On” it is also available on iTunes ! To buy the CD, pm Nina on her Facebook page !

I think if there is a picture in the dictionary by the word “persistent” it just might be my picture! Ha! Actually, it is more that I LOVE music and just kept trying and trying!

To have my first solo write get cut be my song, “You Are Living On”, holds special meaning to me. Written after the death of my father-in-law in 2008 – just under 3 years after the passing of both of my parents, I needed to express my feelings! Then, my brother passed in January of this year – so this song means a lot to me – totally written from the heart! All those songwriting classes teach you to “write what you know” – it is such good advice!

Never give up any dream you may have! Please feel free to share this post! Thanks!


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