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Living On CoverI  have been writing songs for 50 years! I have been pitching my songs to other artists, labels, publishers etc. for about 40 years! Now,  one of my songs that I wrote by myself, has been recorded by a professional recording artist!

Norwegian Artist – Nina Flaaseth’s CD,“Living On” is now available to download on most digital distribution sites! It includes my 1st solo-written cut “You Are Living On”! (Track 9) Excited for this wonderful traditional Country musician/singer and thankful to Nina for adding my song to her CD! Nina even titled her CD, “Living On”, inspired by the song!

You can download the CD below or just the song on Amazon here: Nina Flaaseth: “You Are Living On” it is also available on iTunes ! To buy the CD, pm Nina on her Facebook page !

I think if there is a picture in the dictionary by the word “persistent” it just might be my picture! Ha! Actually, it is more that I LOVE music and just kept trying and trying!

To have my first solo write get cut be my song, “You Are Living On”, holds special meaning to me. Written after the death of my father-in-law in 2008 – just under 3 years after the passing of both of my parents, I needed to express my feelings! Then, my brother passed in January of this year – so this song means a lot to me – totally written from the heart! All those songwriting classes teach you to “write what you know” – it is such good advice!

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Go to “MUSICAL REUNION” to buy the CD or use these links to download the Mp3 album or individual songs! “iTunes” – “Google Music” – “Amazon Mp3” – “CDBaby

(from CD liner notes)

This CD has been a labor of love some 40+ years in the making! Join me as I reunite with the songs I learned to play guitar and piano on – songs I would continue to perform in public all these years! Not only am I reuniting with these songs, but also joining me on some of the songs – two of my best friends from my high school days! On a recent visit to Tennessee, Greg Pryor agreed to record the 1st song on the CD, “My Music”, reprising our performance on a local TV show in Decatur, IL back in March of 1974! The first 30 seconds of the song are from a recording of that show!
Also joining me on 6 other songs is Vince Thomalla! Back in 1973 Vince and I came up with a concept for a Spring high school choir program called “Musical Revolution”! Instead of singing the Gershwin or Berlin standards many choirs were singing back then, we put together a program of more current songs! Some of the songs in “Musical Reunion” are from that show and its 1974 sequel, MR-2!
Some of the songs are simply ones we loved singing from that era! This has been a wonderful journey going back through time to reunite with the music we’ve loved for so long! I hope you enjoy it too and it becomes YOUR – MUSICAL REUNION!
Song list:  Dave   * with Vince Thomalla ** with Greg Pryor #solo by Vince

All instruments played by Dave Colvin and recorded at Arnybarn Music Studios, Brentwood, TN. Songs noted with * recorded & mixed by Kyle Sweet at The Audio Sweet, Marshfield, WI. Some songs mixed by Gary Lancaster, 83Media, Nash#ville, TN.“Imagine” and “You’ve Got a Friend” recorded at Sunset Blvd. Studios Brentwood, TN.

Check back to this blog in the future as I detail why each song is important to me/us and the history behind each song!

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Why Is Katy Perry in the lyric of my new ukulele song?
I recently bought myself a ukulele with birthday money my two sisters sent me! Within a few hours I had learned enough chords to play “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and posted it on YouTube! It got several views!

One morning recently I was watching “Good Morning America” and they were promoting a contest where high schools could submit a video to the tune of Katy Perry’s new single, “Roar”. As she got out of the car, she walked down through fans who were behind a rope line. At one point she stopped at a guy who had his cell phone and quickly took a “Selfie” of the two of them! He seemed ecstatic!

Well, that scene got me to thinking about how cell phone cameras have changed our lives! We can share each event, big or small, in our life! We can snap photos at car accidents, other events – remember all those videos and stills taken at the Boston Marathon tragedy?

So, later that day I was practicing and still learning my ukulele. As a songwriter, one of the best ways to learn how to play a new
instrument is to write songs with the new chords learned! So as I was playing around on it I started singing…”I’m gonna take a Selfie….ummm….when I get to meet Katy Perry…” “How fun”, I thought!
So I continued and ended up with this lyric and song called, “SELFIE”
I hope you enjoy the song and please feel free to comment or share this blog post or the song with your friends!
Musically yours!
Dave Colvin

© 2013 by Dave Colvin
I’m gonna take a Selfie
On the day I meet Katy Perry
A picture of us both smiling oh so sweet
Friends online will give it a million re-tweets
On the day I meet Katy Perry
I’ll take a selfie
Yes, I’m gonna take a selfie
On the day my love and I marry
Use InstaGram so all the world can see
How happy two people could possibly be
On the day my love and I marry
I’ll take a selfie
I am so glad there’s now a camera in my phone
And with access to the ‘net
We can share life’s big events with everyone
I’m gonna take a Selfie
On the day of the birth of our baby
Post it on my page for all our friends to see
How happy together are we three
On the day of the birth of our baby
On the day my love and I marry
Even On the day I meet Katy Perry
I’ll take a selfie
I’ll take a selfie
I’ll take a selfie

Arnybarn Music logoThe President, four years before, had inherited the worst economic downturn in American history. Since taking office four years ago, economic stimulus programs had been forced through Congress providing businesses, states and counties much needed capital with which to use to create jobs. The building of roads, bridges and government buildings was employing construction workers on a large scale!
The stock market was still stagnant; though there were signs of stock values starting to rise again…the same rise in values could be seen on home prices. Food and fuel costs continued to rise, leaving millions of Americans unable to climb out of poverty. Unemployment continued to rise but was showing signs of coming down due to the local and Federal jobs being created with the stimulus monies. But the unemployment rate was still unacceptably high at around 20%.

The voting public had every right to be impatient with the President and deny him a second term. But they did not deny him. In fact, the year was 1936 And Franklin Delano Roosevelt was re-elected by the largest margin in U.S. history up to that date winning 46 out of 48 states and 60.8% of the popular vote and 523 electoral votes to 8 for  Republican opponent Alf Landon.

The voters understood that the economic problems they suffered from were going to take longer than 4 years to fix. They saw jobs starting to be created. They saw the small signs of economic recovery and knew patience was necessary. They helped their neighbor! There were no Blue or Red states! They understood that the policies of the previous 12 years of Harding’s/Coolidge’s and Hoover’s  “hands off big business” policies had gotten the country in the mess it was in and now was not the time to return to those policies!

In many ways 2012 is very much like 1936!  The 2008 economic downturn was the worst since the Great Depression! But, we now see signs such as a steady, falling unemployment rate, 5,200,000 new jobs created in the past 30 months, rising home values, increases in home sales, a re-vitalized auto industry getting American workers in new cars!

Our Grandparents knew it takes longer than 4 years to fix a major economic downturn. We’ve become a culture of seeking instant gratification. I guess we expected our President to enter office, wave some magical wand and instantly fix the problems that had occurred.

In February of 2009, Obama’s first month in office 750,000 people lost their jobs. The fact that that number was stopped and turned around to jobs being created is by itself amazing to me. But I guess since we didn’t turn the 750k job loss into 750k job creations each month was not enough to satisfy our need. But that type of job creation was never possible. Thousands of jobs were lost because they are no longer necessary.
We are moving away from a manufacturing based economy to a services based economy. The manufacturing of products is being outsourced to other countries where the cost of Labor is much less than it is here. It is a bottom line business decision! Technology is also eliminating jobs we used to need. For example, in my case, I for years was a Cash Manager for healthcare companies in their accounting departments. But the advent of new software and online administration of banking processes eventually allowed the banks to provide Cash Management services to companies, especially smaller companies. So twice in three years, the company I worked for was sold to a competitor and my job was deemed not needed. In fact, I was let go in February of 2009 so my job was one of those 750,000 jobs that was lost that month!
But, I used that loss as an opportunity to start my own music publishing company, Arnybarn Music, and pursue my dream of being in the music industry. I am sure many people started their own businesses. So I wonder exactly how accurate the unemployment rate really is. I am not sure how they count people like me?

Of course the problems are much more complicated than I explain here but it would serve us all well to pause and take a breath! These new small businesses are taking time to be successful, as expected because it does take time to recover from an economic downturn!

Introducing “This Side of Love“. (To The WORLD!)

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I was SOOO excited to find out that our recent song cut by upcoming Contemporary Christian artist, Madalyn McHugh of “This Side Of Love” co-written Greg Shields, Bobby Rennert and myself (Dave Colvin) was being released as the DEBUT SINGLE off her Stepping Stone CD!!

We were already SOO thankful and felt so blessed just to have the song selected for the album, but then to have it be the 1st single – well there are few words to describe how happy we are. We are also so happy for Madalyn too – she has such an amazing voice – well…. read the article the above link references from New Christian Music Now’s website! It is a site where radio programmers can go to hear the latest released songs and download the songs for airplay on their stations!

The message of Hope and Forgiveness and most of all LOVE that this song talks about will now be heard by so many people – that is the real blessing here!
And what is cool is the song starts playing when you open the web page!

Please go read the article, send Madalyn a message about how you like the song on her website at

Please also let me know what you think of the song, the article or anything else by leaving a comment here on this site!
Thank you for stopping by and I know you will enjoy Madalyn McHugh singing “THIS SIDE OF LOVE”!!
Dave Colvin
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