Introducing “This Side of Love“. (To The WORLD!)

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I was SOOO excited to find out that our recent song cut by upcoming Contemporary Christian artist, Madalyn McHugh of “This Side Of Love” co-written Greg Shields, Bobby Rennert and myself (Dave Colvin) was being released as the DEBUT SINGLE off her Stepping Stone CD!!

We were already SOO thankful and felt so blessed just to have the song selected for the album, but then to have it be the 1st single – well there are few words to describe how happy we are. We are also so happy for Madalyn too – she has such an amazing voice – well…. read the article the above link references from New Christian Music Now’s website! It is a site where radio programmers can go to hear the latest released songs and download the songs for airplay on their stations!

The message of Hope and Forgiveness and most of all LOVE that this song talks about will now be heard by so many people – that is the real blessing here!
And what is cool is the song starts playing when you open the web page!

Please go read the article, send Madalyn a message about how you like the song on her website at

Please also let me know what you think of the song, the article or anything else by leaving a comment here on this site!
Thank you for stopping by and I know you will enjoy Madalyn McHugh singing “THIS SIDE OF LOVE”!!
Dave Colvin
(also please visit my main website at )


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