THIS SIDE OF LOVE : My Birthday Goal Has Finally Been Met!

Posted: July 30, 2012 in Uncategorized
My 57th birthday is this Sunday, August 5th. Every year I say to myself “By this time next year I am going to have a song cut!!” And just like my favorite baseball team, the Chicago Cubs, I end up re-stating the phrase to “Well, NEXT YEAR, I will get my first song cut!”
Thanks to Upcoming Pop/Contemporary Christian singer, Madalyn McHugh and my co-writers of the song, “This Side of Love” Greg Shields and Bobby Rennert, I can now say on my 57th birthday that I am a songwriter with my first song cut!!!Madalyn placed “This Side Of Love” (TSOL) on her debut CD, Stepping Stone, and it is Track #1! To hear a sample of the song and find a link to buy the song please go to her website at Madalyn McHugh !

Many thanks really need to go to Greg and Bobby though. The song was written at a songwriters event here in Nashville in early March,  2009 called the Tunesmith Pro Event. Greg and Bobby roomed together for the event and had started the basic beginnings of the song by the time I got there . Even as rough as it was, I knew that it was something special.

As with many co-writing sessions many ideas for lyrics are tossed in for consideration and the clue is to select the best lines and to throw out the ones that don’t work. I have not written very many Christian based songs and learned a lot those couple of days from Greg and Bobby who had written several songs in that genre. My best contribution probably was in asking questions relating to the lyrics and the storyline i.e. “Do we really want to say that in the 1st verse or move it to the bridge?” type of thing. Also at one point the song was pretty lengthy and we were able to pare it down to around 3:43 which was better for possible radio play.

The event centered around 4 groups of 3 songwriters coming up with new songs that would be presented the final day and the winning song would be professionally demoed. I remember bringing home a voice recorder mp3 to play for my wife and she immediately said “That’s a hit!” We played the song for two of the event’s “mentors” and received the same reaction! So we were pretty excited about maybe winning the free demo session.

The judges didin’t like it.

Loooking back, it could be that the other songs were more in the Country genre and country songs have different rules than Contemp Christian or even Pop – which this song easily could be classified as.

But we knew it was a good song so as soon as Greg recorded a fantastic demo, I started pitching the song through my publishing company, Arnybarn Music. Within a year the song had been chosen to be cut on a Ben Richards project!! We were so excited and I thought my annual goal was going to be met at age 55.
The CD project was cancelled.

Again in 2011, someone was interested in the song but postponed indefinitely his recording project.

Then in January of this year, Eric Copeland of Creative Soul Records placed a listing in RowFax, a pitch sheet for artists looking for songs.
I sent the song to Eric and within just a few days he responded that Madalyn wanted to record the song!! While excited, we decided not to tell anyone that it was definitely going to be cut based on the previous two cancellations.

Madalyn held a CD Release concert in her hometown of Caro Michigan July 28th.   My goal has finally been met!
Pleae leave any thoughts or comments below!
  1. […] So, based on that the only logical song from the Arnybarn Music catalog was “This Side of Love” (TSOL)!! Well, I believe I heard back from Eric at Creative Soul Records the next day or the day after that! They loved the song and were going to record it! Though a co-write, I finally was going to be part of an official “Song Cut”!! – for more detail see my previous post at dream! […]

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