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Why Is Katy Perry in the lyric of my new ukulele song?
I recently bought myself a ukulele with birthday money my two sisters sent me! Within a few hours I had learned enough chords to play “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and posted it on YouTube! It got several views!

One morning recently I was watching “Good Morning America” and they were promoting a contest where high schools could submit a video to the tune of Katy Perry’s new single, “Roar”. As she got out of the car, she walked down through fans who were behind a rope line. At one point she stopped at a guy who had his cell phone and quickly took a “Selfie” of the two of them! He seemed ecstatic!

Well, that scene got me to thinking about how cell phone cameras have changed our lives! We can share each event, big or small, in our life! We can snap photos at car accidents, other events – remember all those videos and stills taken at the Boston Marathon tragedy?

So, later that day I was practicing and still learning my ukulele. As a songwriter, one of the best ways to learn how to play a new
instrument is to write songs with the new chords learned! So as I was playing around on it I started singing…”I’m gonna take a Selfie….ummm….when I get to meet Katy Perry…” “How fun”, I thought!
So I continued and ended up with this lyric and song called, “SELFIE”
I hope you enjoy the song and please feel free to comment or share this blog post or the song with your friends!
Musically yours!
Dave Colvin

© 2013 by Dave Colvin
I’m gonna take a Selfie
On the day I meet Katy Perry
A picture of us both smiling oh so sweet
Friends online will give it a million re-tweets
On the day I meet Katy Perry
I’ll take a selfie
Yes, I’m gonna take a selfie
On the day my love and I marry
Use InstaGram so all the world can see
How happy two people could possibly be
On the day my love and I marry
I’ll take a selfie
I am so glad there’s now a camera in my phone
And with access to the ‘net
We can share life’s big events with everyone
I’m gonna take a Selfie
On the day of the birth of our baby
Post it on my page for all our friends to see
How happy together are we three
On the day of the birth of our baby
On the day my love and I marry
Even On the day I meet Katy Perry
I’ll take a selfie
I’ll take a selfie
I’ll take a selfie



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IT’S Time!

The creation process of writing a song never ceases to amaze me. Some songs can take several hours, several sessions. One song I have I started over 20 years ago and I’m still not happy with the final product!! And sometimes a song practically writes itself in mere minutes.

That’s what happened last Saturday!

Saturday morning I awoke and checked my email – a music supervisor was looking for a song with specific criteria about leaving a situation and going home. Some 35 minutes later I had a full lyric and after another 35 minutes – by Noon – I had the music. I did a quick guitar/vocal demo, submitted to the opportunity and I hope for the best.

I placed it today on Soundcloud without promotion – someone in Germany has already “Favorited” the song so thought I’d share….”It’s Time”…

Have a great and musical weekend!

Dave – A Songwriter’s Journey