My 60th Birthday! Gratitude, Thankfulness & Hope

Posted: August 5, 2015 in chronic illness, Hemophilia
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Today I turn 60 – SIXTY – years old!! When I was born in 1955 in Peoria, Illinois, the average life expectancy of someone with hemophilia was less than 20 years of age!! TWENTY!! Now I am 60!!!
While modern medical advancements were critical to my staying alive, so many people over the years – WAY too many to mention separately – helped to get me here! But there are some I need to mention!
Mom, Dad, sisters Judy and Cheryl and brother, Fred – my family! Without my family, 60 years of age does not happen!
Then there are all the nurses and the interns at Decatur Macon County Hospital up until 1978! From 1978 until his passing in 1987, Dr. Andrew E. Weiss – himself a hemophiliac – taught me so much.
When I was 10 yrs old The Creator of this universe placed my wife Debbie into my life – together we produced our amazing daughter, Meredith!! Now she and husband Rusty have blessed me with more incentive to take care of myself – our grandchildren, Austin Ann, 3 yrs old and Mason, 1!!
I’ve also been incredibly blessed with my lifelong friends always treating me “normal”-never letting me get to feeling sorry for myself! Back in high school and college, even when I would have a swollen elbow or knee, my buddies would come get me to go driving around! Or if I was unable to walk, one friend would come over to our house and we would play several games of chess! Getting me out of the house or keeping my mind occupied was instrumental in speeding up the healing process!
My music also played a role in keeping me going….but that is what the rest of this blog is all about!
So I approach my 61st year with gratitude, with thankfulness and hope!
I must be here for some reason! 
Love you all! Dave

  1. Wendy Weiss says:

    Hi Dave, happy belated birthday! I am Dr Weiss’s daughter and it means a lot to me and our family that you are doing so well and mentioned him in your blog. He was was an amazing man and I miss him ever day. I wish you all the happiness and health possible and please give another shout out when you turn 70!
    Best wishes – Wendy Weiss

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