Songwriters Journey (SJ) 10/21/11

Posted: October 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

Arnybarn Music logoHad an opportunity to pitch some songs to an indie artist today so I put together a CD package and mailed it.

Got a tip about a new music library so I sent an email requesting more information. Will give you the name if I find out its a good one or not.

Also got a tip from fellow musician, Steve Soucy about the Taxi forum having great info – I registered there but await approval from the Forum admin.

Finally got to the studio to lay down tracks for “Joy To The World” – the classic version. Turned out with a cool vibe but I will probably re-vocal it because my voice sounded tired so late in the day.

All in all, a pretty productive day at Arnybarn Music!! :>)

Have a wonderful weekend!!
Musically yours! Dave


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