Songwriter’s Journey 10/19/11

Posted: October 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

Well, today I monitored my various websites:
Music Dealers
Music Supervisor

for any changes – none to report.
I did see what kind of songs are being selected on by TV/Film/Advertisers -then I traced

Arnybarn Music logo

the selected songs to the writers pages and listen to more of their material. I heard a 1:31 song on one page that had been selected as a movie trailer. The structure is very different than for a lyrical song. It slowly builds and builds with periods of calm. If you think about watching the previews in the theater you might see what I’m talking about.
So I remembered a song I had been working on that was very similar and worked on that all afternoon. Hopefully I will have time tomorrow to work on balancing and mastering the tracks so I can upload the instrumental to start competing with the other songs out there being selected!! It was actually quite fun not being shackled by needing to worry about the lyrics.
Maybe a future entry will announce the selection of my “movie trailer” track!!
More next time!
Musically yours!


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