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Posted: October 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

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Every Thursday here at Arnybarn Music, I await the weekly email link for this week’s RowFax Tip Sheet, listing the artists who are looking for songs currently.

RowFax lists
1) New and Updated Listings
2) Major Label projects
3) Small Label projects

I work with Songplugger, Chris Keaton, who with his years of experience and contacts here in this business, is able to pitch some of my songs to the major artists that are listed each week.

So I spend my time researching the smaller labels and artists listed. I Google the company, check out the artists’ videos on YouTube and try to find more information. If i feel I have a song that fits a listing, I will email the contact listed introducing myself and requesting permission to submit and asking how they prefer that submission either CD or mp3 attached to an email or online link
Surprisingly, I’d say about 80% on average allow me to submit.

I keep an Excel spreadsheet that lists each pitch – the date- to who – which artist – what songs were sent and any notes.

So far there has not been any overlap – at least that I am aware of between Chris and myself. I think it is a good idea to get my name out there and develop these relationships as well.  is a part of and if you go to their website you can find more information there on how to subscribe to the Tip Sheet! Hope this has been helpful! Please leave a comment/reply down below if you wish!

Dave :>)


  1. John Rose says:

    Good stuff and informative. Thanks…Dave

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