Song deadline!!

Posted: October 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’ve been working all weekend trying to finish a song I wrote for a placement opportunity listed at! They have an opportunity to get a song in an Ad for a new pickup truck – the campaign to be run in 5 Gulf Coast states! Major upfront fee available so the chosen song will be very lucrative for the writer!
I pretty much had the lyric finished within an hour – but coming up with a killer melody and hook on short notice is difficult!
Oh, I forgot to mention the deadline is tomorrow at Noon!

This is really challenging and a lot of fun for me!
I understand the odds of getting selected are low – there are some AMAZING songwriters and composers that contribute their music to the music library. But like I said it is fun for me to set a deadline, come up with a lyric and tune and get it submitted by Noon on Nov. 1st!

I will try to post the song when I get a chance but right now…..

Dave creating a new song
Writing and recording a new song!



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