Getting a song cut..How much to give up?

Posted: July 7, 2012 in Uncategorized
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As a music publisher and songwriter I am constantly pitching my songs to be considered for music artists’ CD recording projects. To do this requires subscribing to one or more of the industry “Pitch Sheets” that list current projects that are looking for songs. The listing gives who is looking, style/genre, when the project ends, contact information, pitch preference, etc.

Recently there has been a listing of a record label “on Music Row” that is looking for songs for an upcoming but as of yet unknown artist. The listing states that to receive cut preference, the submitter needs to attach the music tracks and that publishing needs to be available – meaning you assign the Publishing shares to this Record Label!

Now, assigning publishing is not so unusual if the artist is say Alan Jackson or Martina McBride, etc. but for an as yet unknown, upcoming artist. I’ve not yet run across this.

But for me, asking to freely attach the master music tracks to me is a bit much! And if I do THEN my song will be given preference to get cut!

I own the master instrument tracks to most of my professionally recorded songs and offer those tracks to singers/performers for a license fee that is reasonable and around the going rate. Those tracks cost quite a bit of money and there is no way I feel I should attach those tracks to my email submission for free, without even knowing if the song will ultimately be cut or even considered!

So, I ask my readers here, am I being unreasonable in my feelings on this? Is this not unusual in this industry? I have no beef against this label – they have they right to ask for whatever they want – but this is also a learning moment I believe for newbie songwriters and publishers.

So please put in your two cents worth on the subject or offer up any industry knowledge you have that might enlighten me and the rest of us!

Thanks in advance! I am looking forward to seeing your ideas and thoughts!!
Musically yours!

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