The Secret To Success!!…??

Posted: October 25, 2012 in Uncategorized
Arnybarn Music logo


I know I said esterday on Facebook how much I love getting to do what I love! But there is so much cool stuff going on with Arnybarn Music – much I can’t share yet because to be treated like a professional one must ACT like a professional. When you do act professionally I can assure you the major players in whatever your industry is, will treat you professionally as well!
Someone recently wanted me to share the “secrets” of how I got a song on Star Trek Enterprise or got a song(s) cut. Well there is no ‘secret’! Hard work and having a good product and a splash of luck (the point where opportunity meets preparation) – that is the “secret”.
Also, eliminating any shoulder chips and eliminating negativity – in my case no longer asking for song critiques – all of this helps move things along!
Believe in yourself first!
Best to all


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