“The story behind “My Music” on my “Musical Reunion” CD

Posted: January 29, 2015 in 60s Soft Rock, 70s Soft Rock, Cover songs, music
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My Music – Track 1 Musical Reunion – Dave Colvin & Greg Pryor

In March of 1974 my longtime friend, Greg Pryor, and I were part of a group of kids from the MacArthur High School Choirs in Decatur, IL that appeared on the local morning TV show, Looking In, to promote the spring choir program, Musical Revolution 2!

Greg and I opened the show with the Loggins & Messina tune, My Music. An upbeat number that came off pretty well for a couple of 18 year olds!  Fortunately my sister audio recorded the show on cassette tape that we have to this day!
Fast forward 40 years to October of 2014. Greg, who now lives in Michigan, came for a visit to Nashville. Prior to arriving, I had asked him if he would reprise our singing Mu Music on the CD I was working on, Musical Reunion. He said yes! We had not sung together in years. I had pre-recorded the guitar track so we could focus on the vocals. After maybe 3 rehearsals of the song, we made three or four full recordings that I could work with in mixing it all together. But from the first opening of our vocals, we were transported back to 1974! Both of us felt the magic! We even changed a couple of things around – at the phrase “God knows that I love…” we used to sing it together but I got distracted messing with the recording software and missed the cue to sing so only Greg came in on time! I decided it sounded pretty cool so we left the change in!  Also at the end we used to just sing the “Do-do-do’s” and never sing the last word, “Tune” – I decided to add that back in and it really gave the song a good closer line!
As I said earlier, we have the original recording so on the CD, not on this clip, you can hear the first 30 seconds the 18 year old Dave & Greg!
Music has always been so important in my life and the lyrics reflect that so I decided that it needed to be the first track on the CD!
Hope you enjoy – “My Music”!!
My Music Clip – Dave Colvin And Greg Pryor

Musical Reunion

Musical Reunion – new CD by Dave Colvin!!


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